Jewelry Care and Sizing

Mariella Pilato Jewelry is designed and created to meet with the highest standards of quality in mind. All pieces are handmade in Mariella's workshop in Bali, Indonesia using both modern and traditional making techniques.


  • Handwash, perfumes, chlorine, detergents, and oils can all cause tarnishing and damage to the surface finish. Apply scents or cosmetics before you put on any jewelry.
  • If jewelry comes in to contact with water gently dry with a soft cloth to avoid risk of tarnishing.
  • Gold-plated jewelry can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a very soft toothbrush. Then rinse thoroughly and dry well.
  • Do not wear jewelry whilst swimming, bathing, showering, doing household tasks or whilst exercising.
  • Brighten up your piece by using a soft cleaning cloth. In the case of silver you can buy special silver cleaning solutions which can breathe life in to a piece that has lost shine with wear. Make sure you follow the instructions.
  • Store your jewelry separately, so it doesn't rub and scratch against each other.
  • Do not store jewelry in a place where it could get damp or hot as it will cause the jewelry to tarnish.
  • Gold-plate may slightly fade over time depending on wear and the amount of care taken. You can have your jewelry re-conditioned at your local jewelry shop.


Below you will find an international ring size guide. Choose your perfect size for a comfortable fit.

International Ring Size Guide